Refugee Wellbeing Study

HOST International has begun a research project in partnership with the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program at UNSW in Sydney and with SUAKA and the University of Gadja Madha in Jakarta.  The aim of the study is to investigate why some refugees cope better than others and to inform the design of support programs for refugees both in Indonesia and globally.

More specifically, we aim to identify the coping strategies used by refugees who adapt more positively to life in sustained displacement, and the specific needs of those who require more support. To achieve this we will seek feedback from refugees in Indonesia over two years.

What are the aims of this study?

We are asking the following questions;

  • How do asylum seekers and refugees cope with life in sustained displacement?
  • What kind of support do people living in sustained displacement need in order to remain well?

What does the study involve?

  • Participants will be invited to complete an online survey 3 times (once every 6 months).
  • It is online so that people with refugee backgrounds living all over Indonesia can participate, in their own time, and confidentially.
  • The survey contains a variety of questions about past and current experiences, health and wellbeing, resources and coping.
  • RTRP has experience in doing a similar online study with asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.
  • Information collected from the surveys will be owned by the University of NSW and will not be shared with anyone including the Australian Government or UNHCR.

How will this study benefit participants?

  • This study provides refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia with an opportunity to tell their story and contribute to building knowledge around how refugees and asylum seekers cope in difficult situations.
  • This knowledge can be used to help other people in similar circumstances all over the world and to raise awareness about refugees in these situations.
  • Participants will become part of a research community, where updates about the study will be sent to them in their language at regular times throughout the study.
  • Participants will also be reimbursed for their time with a digital or physical Indo Mart voucher worth IDR 100,000, after they complete the survey at each time point.

How will this study benefit service providers who work with asylum seekers and refugees?

  • The aim of the project is to build knowledge regarding the needs of refugees and asylum seekers to practically inform service design and delivery in Indonesia.
  • This study is aiming to enhance the collaboration between academic and service providers working with refugees in Indonesia.
  • Results from this first study will create a platform for future research to capture the voices of those who may not be able to participate in this particular study.

How will we keep data confidential?

  • Identifying information (e.g. name, contact details) will be only requested from participants so that the researchers from RTRP can maintain contact. This information will not be shared with anyone else and is protected by Australian guidelines related to conducting research studies.
  • Identifying information will be stored securely and separately from answers provided to the survey questions (e.g. about mental health and wellbeing). This will provide further protection of participant information.
  • Findings from the study that are reported publicly will only be based on group data, and not individual responses.

How can people learn about the study and take part?

  • Information about the study will be shared in the following ways:
    • Face-to-face information sessions held by SUAKA and other service providers
    • The study will also be advertised in multiple languages online, via social media platforms, or on the RTRP website 
  • The survey will be available in Dari, Farsi Arabic, Somali or English, to adults with a refugee background living in Indonesia, who arrived in or after 2013.
  • We recommend participants complete the survey alone, so that responses remain confidential.