Refugee Employment

HOST International strives to link refugees to labour shortages in the Asia Pacific.

We believe that employment is critical in achieving self reliance and retaining a sense of dignity and hope.

Research and other evidence shows that there are significant economic and social benefits that come from the employment of refugees, displaced people, and migrants in host communities.

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Yet 40 per cent of employers report difficulties in finding labour to meet current needs and it is expected that labour shortages in Asia will increase significantly over the next 10 years.

​Meanwhile, there are many refugees throughout the Asia Pacific region who are willing and able to work and many have skills that match identified skills shortages.

Many live in poverty and without work rights, or legal status, while they await resettlement. Many will never be resettled as placements are so few and the number of displaced people has reached 65 million people.

HOST has built a partnership with Refugee Talent and developed ‘Refugee Assets’. The partnership focuses on the Asia Pacific region with the goal to create a paradigm shift in the delivery of support to refugees from traditional methods to innovative and alternative pathways that focus on education and employment.

Refugee Assets uses an online job matching platform and end-to-end support services to provide employment to refugees in the Asia-Pacific and meet labour shortages in the region.

The project’s innovative approach to address labour shortages and the need for refugee employment has been recognised by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund with Seed Funding to further develop the project. The result of this work has been a join report with Asylum Access on refugee work rights across the region. You can access a copy below.

Refugee Work Rights Report

A report providing a scorecard report on refugee work rights in eight countries across Asia.

Trustlaw International Collaboration Award

HOST was granted an award along with its partners on the Refugee Work Rights Report at a ceremony in London in November 2019.