Today is our 4th birthday!

Four years ago we started an ambitious goal of making life better for the majority of the world’s 26 million refugees who remain stuck in community settings with no access to basic rights and without a clear future. We wanted to move beyond charity and develop sustainable livelihoods for people on the move in a way that also acknowledged the needs of the host communities. Four years into this journey I am proud of the work we have done and our impact on many.

During the last 4 years HOST has employed 236 staff in 6 countries, engaged approx 100 volunteers including students and interns, supported thousands of refugees through our individual and community capacity building programs and contributed to research on hope building for refugees in displacement. We currently have 50 staff (including contractors and volunteers) working in 5 countries on 15 projects with 21 operational partners and 3 subsidiaries.

I am particularly proud of our work in supporting governments to treat refugees more decently through our founding work in Nauru and now in Thailand through our detention release program. Our commitment to innovation and community co-design have been core principles that have guided our work and our approach to partnering with community and refugee led organisations. This approach has enabled us to continue to work mostly uninterrupted throughout the COVID19 pandemic and to access parts of the community less engaged with formal institutions like UNHCR.

A lot has happened in the last four years and we have much more work to do. Like many NGOs we need support from individual and institutional donors to continue our work and to reach more communities with humanity, hope and dignity. Over the next few weeks we will be profiling some of our work and the needs that we are trying to address. Take some time to read about the interesting work we are doing.

As today is also giving Tuesday I ask you to support our work with a tax deductible donation. In particular we are asking for donations to our Project Humanity fund which brings hope to refugees and asylum seekers that are destitute and without hope throughout the Asia Pacific. A donation of $100 can support a family to participate in a community garden in Thailand that will ensure access to regular fresh food and safe social connections. A donation of $50 can support refugee children to access education resources in Australia or provide access to a new baby kit for pregnant women in Malaysia. You can donate via PayPal using the form below or the donate button on the top right side of your browser. Donations over $2 are provided a voucher for tax deduction purposes.

Our work would not be possible without our partners and supporters so thank you to all of those people who have supported and continue to support our work. We look forward to a long future of partnership in making life better for people on the move.

David Keegan, Founder and CEO of HOST International


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