HOST International welcomes the first Global Refugee Forum which will take place on 16-18 December 2019 in Geneva, and aims to generate new approaches and long-term commitments to improve the lives of refugees and the communities that host them.

HOST International was founded on the premise that new solutions are needed for the unprecedented number of people who have been forced from their homes and the communities that host them, most of which are middle and low-income countries.

The Global Refugee Forum is guided by the Global Compact on Refugees and will focus on arrangements for responsibility sharing, education, jobs and livelihoods, energy and infrastructure, solutions and protection capacity. The Forum will showcase impactful pledges and contributions and the exchange of good practices, to which HOST International will be contributing in the following ways:

Launch of Refugee Access to Fair and Lawful Work in Asia Report co-authored with Asylum Access. The report will be launched as part of a series of events titled ‘Centering The Margins’, which will feature a session on ‘Sustainable Self Reliance’, a dynamic discussion examining recent attempts to facilitate safe, fair, lawful access to labour markets for refugees.

HOST International partner Project Stand Up will be featured at the Forum’s ‘Speakers Corner’ on 18 December in a session titled ‘From Participation to Ownership – Refugee-Led Action’, which will share the model of a refugee-led youth movement to increase access to education and leadership opportunities for refugees, particularly girls.

HOST will also be  sharing a pledge which demonstrates our conviction that the best solutions to displacement are designed and implemented by the communities affected, therefore we’ll be making a pledge that proposes a solution to close the gap between donors and communities in partnership with crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood.

We’ll be sharing updates on our social media – for further information follow us on Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.