School-aged children should be maintaining a nutrient-rich diet as it is vital for their growth and brain development. However, young refugees in Malaysia have extremely limited options for schooling and even less access to healthy food options.

Many of the students at ideas Academy experience malnutrition and food insecurity. The meals that they get at school are often the only hot meal the students will receive that day.

“The grant from Little Things has helped us improve our kitchen facilities that provide better meals for our students,” explained Dr Sally Hirsch, General Manager at ideas Academy.
They have used the grant towards kitchen renovations and increasing facility space; replaced utensils such as rice cookers, cutlery and crockery; and buying foods. They have also been able to provide a healthier breakfast option for students so they can start each day off with a nourishing meal, which improves their concentration and stamina.

As a school that exists solely on donations and partnerships, they rely heavily on programmes such as Little Things grants to be able to provide such basics as exercise books, text books, teaching resources, and hot meals for their students.

“We are truly an international school with 10 different nationalities represented in our student body and a culturally diverse group of teachers and volunteers,” says Dr Sally Hirsch.

ideas Academy is a secondary school that provides high quality education to refugees and underprivileged students in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Students can either attend primary schools that are run by the refugee community or they can access the three learning centres that provide secondary education in KL.

Credit: ideas Academy

ideas Academy is one of these centres and the only one that follows the IGCSE Cambridge curriculum. Students at the school complete a full academic program that leads to graduation with at least 5 IGCSE subjects.

This provides a step up for students to go on to complete A levels or enter foundation courses at universities. For students who might be resettled in another country before graduation, ideas Academy has provided them with a sound educational foundation to prepare them for life in their new home.

For more information on how you can contribute to a Little Things grant to help out schools like ideas Academy, please visit our donations page.