re.code’s coding students recently graduated from our full-stack web development bootcamp – an intense full-time programme that was completed in four months.

Not only did they learn a variety of coding languages but they also learned to manage projects, work in agile teams and apply user-centric design principles. Their various projects include creating a job-matching platform, a room rental service and a crowdfunding platform.

After a rigorous interviewing process that consisted of 180 applicants and 60 interviews, 20 students were finally accepted.

re.code’s next round of intake will commence next month in November for a part-time programme to take place every Sunday.

Coders will now be qualified to work freelance but they will need more practice in order to secure bigger and complex projects. They can work for companies in other countries, although access to financial services for refugees in Malaysia remains difficult for certain nationalities, which is one of several issues that refugees face on a daily basis.

“The student who made it to the end exceeded my expectations,” says Joel Lim, Lead Instructor at re.code. “Their final projects were all beyond what I’ve seen at Next Academy or other bootcamps.”

Despite re.code’s success, there is room for improvement in the future as it is still a work in progress. Some of the students underestimated how much work the bootcamp required, which resulted in a lack of commitment from some.

More resources could improve recruitment of instructors as it is difficult to hire quality instructors without paying market rates.

“Having all the materials on a learning portal would have improved the learning experience,” explained Jeanne Makinadjian, Programme Manager at re.code.

“We are working on it right now but did not have enough time to setup for the first bootcamp.”

This is re.code’s first batch of students to graduate since joining HOST International earlier in March as an education and livelihoods programme.

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